Screenshot of Randwick Council’s Tree Identification Manual showing Agonis flexuosa. A photo of the whole tree is also provided, plus lots of other information.

Randwick City Council has developed a truly wonderful 6-volume Tree Identification Manual, which is available online at no cost.  Most of the trees in the Manual are Australian natives, though there are some exotic varieties as well.

Randwick Council have divided their municipality into specific environmental areas depending on whether it is coastal, swamp, plateau, valley, dunes & included other factors such as wind, rainfall & soil to help residents choose trees & shrubs that will grow well in their particular environment.

From the Randwick Council website –

“Each species is identified by its botanical name & common name. The manual also includes details of the tree, including the origin of the species & the season in which it flowers (if appropriate). A general description & a photograph of a typical example of each tree species provide an idea of its mature dimensions & overall form, along with photographs & brief descriptions of the tree’s fruit, flowers, leaves & bark.

At the rear of the manual is a matrix of all species which includes the species name, average mature dimensions, whether it is native or exotic, evergreen or deciduous, the severity of any potential tree root damage, suitability under powerlines, fruit/leaf drop severity & estimated average lifespan.”

112 trees & shrubs are covered. This is an excellent resource for those interested in trees & shrubs.  The Manual is easy to read & understand.  The photos are very clear making identification much easier.  Even though it has been designed for the Randwick municipality, the Manual is very useful for people who live outside Randwick LGA.   I also think this is a great resource for school students.

Marrickville Council plants trees that are included in this Manual.

You can download Randwick City Council’s Tree Identification Manual here –