Randwick City Council Nursery – jam packed with great plants & trees to make your garden more sustainable & wildlife friendly.

Another view. Still more plants behind where I was standing.  Shame it was a drizzly day. It looks much nicer when the sun is shining.

I have wanted to visit the Randwick Council Nursery for ages so when I saw that they had an Open Day earlier this month we went.  What a delightful surprise this place turned out to be.

The verge outside the entry gate is a lesson on using natives to create a beautiful effect without needing many plants or much in the way of maintenance.  Also, the choice of plants they had on the verge was very different from what I have seen before.

WIRES had a stall there, but unfortunately had left by the time I went over for a look.  It was nice to see their organization supported by Randwick Council as they would have been able to speak to a lot of people about WIRES & what they do.

The nursery was much bigger than I thought it would be.  We spent ages just walking & looking at the stock available.  The prices were great too.  Plants could be bought for

  • 70mm x 50mm $1.40
  • 120mm x 50mm $2.30
  • 140mm x 120mm $6.50
  • 200mm x 160mm $13.50
  • 270mm x 240mm $37.00.

They sell ferns, cycads, groundcovers, climbers, grasses, clumping plants, shrubs & trees that grow to over 4-metres in height.

Most of the plants were indigenous to the local area – something quite important when so much of the ground is sand.  However, you will see many of the plants available growing in Marrickville LGA as well, so the nursery is useful for this region.

They did have some exotics, but not many.  There were heaps of trees & a much wider variety than you can generally find in a commercial nursery.  There were also tons of different species of plants suitable for planting verge gardens.  The variety was almost overwhelming.  It’s been ages since I’ve seen so many different species of native plants for sale.

All plants are propagated or grown from seed onsite by the staff.  They have a glass house for this process.  Once established the plants are lined up in rows outside.  It’s really impressive to see so many propagated plants, especially if you are like me with so many failures.  The bulk of the plants are for full-sun planting, though there is a great selection of plants that need shade.

The nursery staff were enormously helpful.  Just tell them what kind of garden & effect you are looking for & they lead you to all the plants they think will be suitable to your needs.  We even got a full lesson from one of the staff on how to propagate natives, which helped us identify three things we were doing incorrectly.  None of which were mentioned in any of the videos or literature we have read on the process.

Randwick City Council’s website says that this nursery had been in operation for more than 50-years.  They supply plants for their own landscaping needs as well as to other Councils, organizations, landscapers & the public.  The nursery also provides workshops for the community & for schools as part of the Randwick Council Environmental & Sustainability Education Program.

Outside the Office is a display shelf full of pamphlets on urban wildlife & how to attract them into your garden.  This is the best selection of free reading material about plants & wildlife that I have ever come across.

I had thought this nursery was only open to the public 4 times a year on the first Saturday of each new season, but discovered they are also open to the public from Monday to Friday all year, making it much easier to go there more often.

If you are into native plants & you would like to buy good healthy stock at very cheap prices, this is the nursery for you.  It is well worth the drive & we had no problem parking, including on the Open Day.  It’s also good just to go & have a look at the wide range of native plants available.  I doubt you will be disappointed.  You couldn’t be at these prices.

You can find more about the Randwick City Council Nursery here – http://bit.ly/sa4uZp

They also have a stock list to help you research plants before you arrive – http://bit.ly/VmPdNa

Many plants had an educational sign giving horticultural information, plus a photo of what it will look like once mature. I found this very interesting & helpful.

Another section of Randwick Community Nursery