This protective fence is quite heavy & cumbersome. Two people were not able to replace it.

Last April 2012 I wrote about the tree vandalism of the group of seven Eucalypts Marrickville Council planted next to the picnic kiosks & barbeque at the western side of Tempe Reserve.  These poor trees had been plucked of leaves & if that wasn’t enough, the protective cage from one was removed & taken around 30-metres away.  See –

In July 2012 Marrickville Council removed what was left & added more lawn to the vast amount of lawn already here. See –

It’s now the end of September & sometime during the last few days vandals removed yet another tree cage & slung it triumphantly on the ground.  The tree is still standing, but I doubt it will last long.

Of the original seven trees, three had been vandalized.  Now another tree is at risk of being vandalized & another has died.  Consider that another two trees down. This leaves only two Eucalypts. These won’t be able to provide the shade & beauty needed in this area of Tempe Reserve, even if they manage to survive.

What was the problem?  Were the trees in the way of the cars that should not be driven into this area of the park or is it simply a hatred of trees?

Vandalism costs ratepayers, because planting trees is expensive for Councils.  We also lose shade that is essential to any beautiful park.  Worse still, this tree vandalism costs the local wildlife food sources & habitat.

5th October 2012 – Marrickville Council have been & taken away the dead tree as well as the tree cage that was removed & slung on the ground.  Hopefully they will replace it soon as the poor tree is looking vulnerable without protection & I doubt it will last long left like it is.

Another tree that had its leaves plucked dies. It is a big deal.