The once magnificent Fig trees at Tempe Reserve are looking a shadow of their former selves. There was nothing visibly wrong with them until they were pruned three months ago.  The bench seat on the right used to be in shade with branches cascading around & above it & touching the ground. Now none of the bench seats along the promenade are in shade, except for early morning sun.  These trees will never be able to return to what they once were as the complete lower canopy been removed.

Last July 2012 I wrote about the destruction of the magnificent canopy of the Fig trees along the promenade at Tempe Reserve.  See –

Since they were radically pruned I’ve watched three of the Fig trees deteriorate dramatically.  Now this could be normal.  It could be temporary.  Regardless, the condition of these trees is of great concern to me.  One thing I do know is that trees get sunburn when they lose all their leaves & this can result in further problems & even death.

People have told me that my photos of the Fig trees in the July post did not show the full extent of how much beauty was removed by the pruning of these trees.  I hope the photos with this post show clearly that these trees are in serious trouble, especially with the high 30s temperatures we have been having & summer hasn’t even started.  I just wish they had been left alone.  I am not the only person upset & disappointed with what has happened to the trees along here.

Here is a healthy canopy of one of the other Fig trees along the promenade.  Compare with the photo below.

The canopy of one of the sick Figs. The photo was taken at the same time as the photos above. The difference between canopies is astounding.