Standard Mulberry tree seen at a local nursery

Last year I received a number of emails from frantic mothers trying to source Mulberry leaves to feed their distressed children’s silk worms.

As the Mulberry tree is classified as a weed tree in Marrickville LGA, all trees in public spaces are removed.  This means finding a public Mulberry tree at silkworm time can be quite difficult.

Some might say that I should be encouraging people to remove these trees, but I know they are not spreading into Wolli Creek & I haven’t seen them growing along the Cooks River or causing any noticeable problem throughout Marrickville LGA.  I also have recently witnessed a heap of Mulberry saplings for sale at a local supermarket fly out the door in less than two days.  They are also available to purchase at nurseries so it looks like the Mulberry tree is loved & here to stay.

I am putting together a Mulberry tree map – so if you have a Mulberry tree & are happy to give leaves to feed little silkworms from Spring & into early summer (the whole process is only 2-months) then please send me an email at   The children & the silkworms will thank you.

You can learn about keeping silkworms here –