Pelicans at Marrickville taken at dusk today. This is how I usually see pelicans – at a distance.

A couple of months ago we saw a pelican sitting with a couple of Ibis on the Cooks River bank at Kendrick Park. Neither of us had seen a pelican on the riverbank before, except for the Boat Harbour peninsula at Hurlstone Park, as they usually keep well away from people.

The pelican surprised us by starting to walk over.  Then two young men standing nearby watching put an end to this by deliberately kicking a soccer ball at the pelican & of course, it flew away.

Last Sunday the same pelican was again sitting on the bank with an Ibis. We know it was the same pelican because immediately it started to come over to us.  After making an assessment he came to stand no more than a metre away.  We spent around 30-minutes chatting to him & telling him how beautiful he was.  At his own good time he took a slow dawdle back to the riverbank & we went on our way feeling like the happiest people in the world.  Here are a few photos.

First indication that he is coming over to us

Yes – definitely on his way over.

Thinking – are these humans okay?

Now if I stand really close…

Look how handsome I am.

Starting to leave, but still really engaged with us.

Cheeky look backwards

And he’s off – leaving two very happy humans behind.