A flock of Fairy Martins are busy building mud nests under the Illawarra Road bridge in Marrickville.

1. Tree collector Enzo Enea has opened his Tree Musuem in Rapperswil-Jona Switzerland to the public.  The museum has a collection of 2,000 different species of trees gathered over the past 17-years & is in the grounds of a 14th Century monastery set on 2.5-acres.  Brilliant idea. I bet it will be very popular.  http://bit.ly/lr4MBJ

2.  So simple, I wondered why it wasn’t the norm already.  Designer Danor Shtruzman has come up with a way to water street trees & verge gardens by directing any water that hits the footpath to the plants.   Grooves set in the footpath direct water to drains, which then take the water to the roots of plants or trees. Nice. http://bit.ly/OrSbLt

3. The city of Copenhagen in Denmark has unveiled plans to create the first climate-adapted neighbourhood & I love it.  20% of the street area (around 50,000 sq mts) will be reclaimed for trees & plants. Stormwater will be directed to planted areas reliving the sewerage systems of a great amount of water when it rains.  Bicycle paths will also act as storm water channels. There will be water towers, green roofs, urban gardens & green houses. “….the project will instead operate with the city’s visible surface & make the city greener, so that water is both delayed & the urban spaces are simultaneously transformed into wondrous places for the city’s residents to hang out or exercise.”  http://bit.ly/PZFn2b

4.  A campaign has been launched to raise $4 million dollars plus to replace the forest that was burnt in the Lost Pines State Park & surrounding areas in Texas. 95% of the forest was lost to the fire. The plan is to plant 4-million trees. “Foresters say it will be at least 30 years before the loblolly pine seedlings grow to resemble a forest.”  Quite a sad statement really when you think how easily our forests are cleared for woodchip.  http://sacb.ee/Ov80od

5.  Sadly, about 301 million rural trees have died in Texas as a result of the 2011 drought.  Estimates are that a further 5.6 million trees will die in urban areas of Texas also as a result of the 2011 drought.  http://usat.ly/OSstp0t.

6.  A 1.3-acre urban farm called Eighth Day Farm in Holland Town Center Michigan has been created in the middle of a shopping mall car park. The community can learn about farming, where food comes from & help in the farm as well as buy produce grown without chemicals or pesticides.  This is a great idea & will help cut down the Urban Heat Island Effect as well.  http://bit.ly/MIlKYt

7.  Two tree species considered extinct on two occasions have been rediscovered in, highly threatened fragments of dry forest in coastal Tanzania. One of the trees, Erythrina schliebenii, belongs to the genus of ‘coral trees,’ which have spectacular red flowers & viciously spiny trunks. The other tree, Karomia gigas, was only known from a single specimen cut down a few years after it was first discovered in coastal Kenya in 1977.”      http://bit.ly/RaVUON

8.  In an excellent move by the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress, a ‘Red List’ has been adopted by for whole ecosystems, instead of just for threatened species.  Dr Emily Nicholson of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions & University of Melbourne’s School of Botany said of the change, “We’re hoping that by establishing sensible global rules for assessing the status and resilience of whole ecosystems we can better protect both them & the individual species they contain.”  http://bit.ly/TztaVq

There are a number of pretty verge gardens along Newtington Road Stanmore.