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The view of the crowd was limited from the bottom of the hill. There were a lot of people in those letters.

As part of the ‘National Week of Action Against Coal Seam Gas Mining’ local community group – Stop CSG Sydney – organized a Human Sign in Sydney Park, which went off with a bang today.

Dingoes Against CSG

Hundreds of people gathered next to the historic brick pit chimneys on what turned out to be a beautiful day after yesterday’s miserable rainy weather.  There were a few stalls, a medical tent, a model of solar thermal power station, a giant Koala wandering around, other stalls & loud, live & happy music.  There was even a Dingo with a sign that read ‘Dingoes Against CSG Mining’ wandering happily among the people.

Stop CSG Sydney had put a lot of work into organizing this event, culminating with a 6am start to mark out the lines for the letters – ‘Stop CSG’ – across the hill overlooking Euston Road.  A film crew was set up in the penthouse of the tall block of apartments that overlook Sydney Park.  They had a spectacular view over the people who gathered to fill out the letters of the sign.

Even a Koala joined in.

After three great & rousing speeches the crowd got going with the human sign.  It was fun. It was meaningful.  The crowd was large & the letters packed with people.  I deliberately looked to see what kind of people came & honestly, it was all kinds.  People of all ages came to tell the government that they did not support coal seam gas mining in Australia.  And we shouted this again & again while cars traveling past on Euston Road tooted their horns in solidarity.

Well done to the volunteers of community group Stop CSG Sydney.  They consistently organise fun, relevant & successful events & have been doing so for over two years now. The mood from the crowd was – we will continue to speak out against coal seam mining for as long as it takes.

This month the O’Farrell Liberal government renewed 22 coal seam gas mining licences across NSW, including in the Sydney drinking water catchment & in the Pilliga Forest.  Agricultural land is also included.  “The fertile black soil plains of Bellata, near Moree, are not safe either with PEL 470 renewed despite all 84 landholders in the area joining together & submitting a detailed objection which exposed numerous breaches of conditions & showed these rich vertosol soils were no place for a gas field.”

If you haven’t yet got involved – Stop CSG Sydney

Great t-shirt sitting in letter G

Another view of letter G.