Parent Black Swans guarding the entrance to the ‘nursery’ while their babies sleep.

It was wonderful to see this family swimming around a pond at Sydney Park.

We were thrilled to see a pair of Black Swans & their three cygnets in one of the lakes in Sydney Park last weekend.   The parent birds closely guarded their babies, at one stage corralling them into a section of the reeds that protected them on three sides so they could have a sleep.  The parent Swans remained guarding the entrance to the reeds while also watching the people who were watching them.

This is the first time I have seen cygnets.  The story, ‘The Ugly Duckling’ is not true.  There is nothing ugly about cygnets.

I know there are Black Swans in Centennial Park, but it was great to see them so close to home in Sydney Park.  I was also very pleased to see that both lakes were fenced to prevent both people & dogs from being able to get into the waterbirds habitat.  The fencing was necessary after dogs in two separate incidents had mauled two Black Swans resulting in their death.  See –

We haven’t been to Sydney Park for a couple of years so it was nice to see just how much the trees & vegetation has grown.  It’s obvious that the City of Sydney Council keep adding to this park. They haven’t just planted & walked away.

Anyone know how many Fig trees in Sydney Park?  I can imagine how glorious these will look when they have grown.  I was also impressed with the amount of colour, with Callistemon hedges & Grevillias dotted all around the park.

I was pleasantly surprised to see & speak to a couple of Council Rangers who were cruising slowly around the park in their car.

Also surprising was the lack of litter anywhere, including around the food kiosk.  Even the toilets were clean.  The people who use this park respect it, making me wonder why the same doesn’t happen along the parks along the Cooks River in Tempe & Marrickville.  I wish it did. It was great to be in a park where one wasn’t confronted by lots of litter & black bags filled with dog poo.

Sydney Park is a beautiful park. There are some very large trees & quite a few are flowering at the moment.  I had the best toasted cheese & tomato sandwich I’ve had in years at the kiosk (they use real bread) & I was told that even the coffee was good.  It’s worth going to see the swans & especially the cygnets.  They are incredibly beautiful with their fluffy grey down & it is a joy to watch them.

Look at this magnificent tree in full flower.

There was lots of colour around, especially near the children’s playground.

Sydney Park has great areas of trees – small urban forests.

One of the iconic views of Sydney Park