Showing some of the mess.  The Ibis were not amongst the litter, but came to greet us, which is why they are in the photo.

We were greeted by yet another awful scene in Tempe Reserve yesterday.  The area around the picnic kiosks was strewn with an enormous amount of rubbish.  No people around, just garbage everywhere.

Large aluminum serving trays with food still stuck on them lay on the lawn, surrounded by many serviettes, bits of plastic, cups, plastic spoons & small & large plastic bags.   Some of the garbage appeared to have been tossed into the Cooks River Valley Garden.

It took me a good 20-minutes to clean it up & I didn’t get all the rubbish. There was enough room in the many garbage bins for it to fit, all except for two cardboard boxes.

All this garbage would have been pushed downhill & into the Cooks River if left as it was & would create much suffering to marine & bird life both in the river & out in Botany Bay.  It is beyond my comprehension how the people who created it could walk away leaving this behind, but they did.

Last March 55 members of the community did a clean up of the litter in the western side of Tempe Reserve & the point.  See –  Many said they would be happy to do this a couple of times a year.

I wrote a post about the second cleanup a while ago, but keep delaying posting it.  Why?  Because I have strong reservations asking the community to join me in cleaning up Tempe Reserve when there is more than a 50% chance that the park will be left in this state the following weekend.  It’s a futile act, like spitting in the wind.  I’m thinking that it would be better to ask people to be involved in something where their effort is not destroyed within a matter of days – or weeks if I am to be generous.

It is so sad & disappointing watching a park deteriorate because of people who use & abuse without concern for the wildlife or the rest of the community.