Screen shot of the video ‘Neighbourhood Action Group’ made by Marrickville Council

I have written about the Phillip & Gladstone Street Pride Group in Enmore before because I love what they are doing.  About 3-years ago a couple of residents decided to take their streetscape into their own hands.  They did a letter-drop inviting residents of both streets to a meeting & from there the Phillip & Gladstone Street Pride Group was born.

Working with Marrickville Council the group have managed to have a number of new trees planted as well as concrete & bitumen removed to create verge gardens.  They meet monthly to clean litter from the street & plant their verge gardens.

The Phillip & Gladstone Street Pride Group has been a great success.  There has been great improvements made to the streetscape because of their effort & it will look very different once the street trees have grown.  There has also been the added benefit of residents getting to know each other & forming friendships.

Marrickville Council has made a video of the group’s work as part of their Groundwork & Target Sustainability initiatives.  In this video local resident Jeremy Mah talks about the group, how it was formed & shares what has worked for them.  Jeremy is quite motivating so hopefully, other community groups will also form as a result of this.  It helps when you know that you will likely receive support from Council & that others have done it & it has worked.

You can watch the video here –

You can read the background of this group here –