Quite a large area was burnt

There were two largish fires lit at Tempe Reserve during the day of Friday 2nd November.   Five Fire Engines responded & put the fires out.  Without the prompt phone calls for help & the attendance by the Fire Brigades, this could have been a major disaster.  It could have also been life threatening as apparently seven school groups were using the netball courts close by.

We saw evidence of two smaller fires that did not spread, making four fires in total.  It is a miracle that more of the reserve was not burnt; especially as it is bone dry there at the moment.

The ground is deep in woodchip & was still smoldering in one place.  Stamping on it & drenching with water managed to put it out, but there was steaming when we left.  It stinks.

It could have been much worse.  Hopefully this was a one-off.

Smelly charred landscape