Stunning display from a Jacaranda & Illawarra Flame tree growing in private property in Marrickville South.

An urgent petition has recently been posted by Justin McQuire on regarding Item 6 – ‘Tree Management – Inventory, Master Plan & Policy Framework’ for decision at tomorrow night’s Marrickville Council Meeting – 20th November 2012.

The petition reads –

“On Tuesday 20/11/12, Marrickville Council is voting on the adoption of a Street Tree Management Plan, Master Plan and Policy without consulting the community.

The issues are recommendations 3 & 4: 

3. where capital renewal reconstruction works are undertaken and conflict exists between a street tree and footpath renewal made with concrete, that conflict shall be resolved by removal and replacement of the tree and installation of the concrete footpath; and 

4. advise and clearly enunciate any changes to the policies and controls governing tree management within the Marrickville Local Government Area.

We are very concerned that here has been no community consultation (WE WILL BE TOLD WHAT THE POLICY SAYS after it is in place) and in relation to point three – 69% of our trees are mature, ie large and causing pavements cracks!!

We ask that the Councillors vote AGAINST the adoption of this recommendation.”

I would appreciate if you would sign this petition as soon as you can as it is urgent. You can access the petition here –   Thank you.  Jacqueline.