If you can, plant something native that feeds birds, bats, insects & bees to help increase the biodiversity across Marrickville LGA.

This wonderful 47-page booklet from the Department of Primary Industries is available free online.  Called ‘Grow Me Instead,’ it lists both native & exotic plants & trees that cause problems for the natural environment in the Greater Sydney District & suggests both non-invasive native & exotic replacements.

This Asparagus fern looks much better than the usual litter & weed-filled area around street trees. Unfortunately it has invaded the bushland of Wolli Creek.  This plant spreads easily & is incredibly difficult to remove.

The booklet has photographs to help identify plants & trees that can cause problems for bush areas.  Each plant or tree identified as a potential problem is followed by other photos of better planting choices & all come with growing information.  For example: the Formosa lily is identified as a garden escapee. Grow me Instead options that look very similar to the Formosa Lily are the Swamp Lily, Day Lily & Amazon Lily.

The Grow Me Instead concept allows gardeners to choose better plants for the region while still getting the look that they want.

According to the Department of Primary Industries, two thirds of Australia’s weeds are escaped garden plants.

“It cannot be repeated often enough that weeds & garden escapees are extremely regional. What may be a problem in one area, or even one state, may not be so in another.”  

The booklet for the Great Sydney District can be downloaded here (1.7MB) – http://bit.ly/WsApLv

There is a Grow Me Instead booklet available to download for the South Coast Region & another for the whole of NSW.  See –  http://bit.ly/ReDF0t