Screenshot of the interactive map of Central Park. Link below.

Screenshot of the interactive map of Central Park. Link below.

Today I drove through the city to Darlinghurst.  As I don’t get to the CBD often, my drive through the city held a number of surprises.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera with me.  My apologies to those who see these things every day.

First, there is a major high-rise building being built at the new Central Park complex at Broadway.  It looks to be the first building of the residential section called One Central Park.  What grabbed my attention were the green walls that are being planted & even at this early stage one can see that they are going to be fantastic.

I’m used to seeing photos of amazing green walls in other cities on social media so it is wonderful that something so innovative & friendly to both people & the environment is actually happening in Sydney.  You can see a 3D visual plan of the Central Park complex here.  It’s green.

As we took the turn into Pitt Street towards Eddy Avenue, the view down George Street was of tall green trees & shade everywhere.  It really surprised me.  I used to work at this end of George Street & the transformation is incredible.  My first thought was that the major arterial road in the CBD could be lined with tall street trees, yet we can’t have the same across suburban Marrickville LGA?

Oxford Street in Darlinghurst was also filled with tall leafy street trees.  There were also massive pots of red Begonias hanging from smart poles giving a wonderful burst of colour wherever you looked.   Taylor Square has a large water fountain. Don’t tell me it happened 10-years ago.  It is now a very colourful pedestrian plaza & looks great.

We parked in Darlinghurst  & noted the large street trees everywhere.  Being a boiling hot day it was pleasant to be out on the street as shade covered much of the footpaths as well as the road itself.  Canopy is not token here.  The street trees cascade over the road & are planted close enough so that their canopy links with the street trees next to them.  It’s visually very beautiful.

All street trees were surrounded by a permeable bitumen surface.  This would prevent any tripping in such a high pedestrian traffic area, but also not create a space for litter to collect.

So I drove away from leafy Sydney into Marrickville LGA.  I have long noticed the differences in canopy between the suburbs of our municipality & between the municipalities that border us.   As the City of Sydney increases their canopy a further 50%, the differences between us will be stark & no longer something people will ignore or I think even accept.

This is the canopy of McEvoy Street Alexandria.  I think it looks wonderful.   It was also cool walking along this street.

This is the canopy of McEvoy Street Alexandria. I think it looks wonderful.