Richardsons Crescent - before

Richardsons Crescent – before

In October 2011, much to my delight, Marrickville Council planted 10 Gordonias on the rail overpass at Richardsons Crescent in Tempe.  Within a couple of weeks 4 of these trees had been vandalized by someone keen to keep the status quo.

In May 2012 Marrickville Council returned & replaced the vandalized trees adding another tree to the row.  I held my breath wondering whether the vandal would strike again?  Luckily for the community she/he/they did not.

Unfortunately some of the trees did not do well. Today I drove past & saw that a clean sweep has been made of the non-survivors & it looks to be more than half of them.

For a range of reasons it is hard for our urban forest to be replaced. The new saplings die from a lack of watering or they are ripped out, tromped on, snapped off, even dowsed with petrol & set alight, the wind gets them or they simply fail to thrive.  I find it sad.

Richardsons Crescent - After

Richardsons Crescent – after