Unwins Bridge Road Sydenham. Note: these trees are not on the list.

Unwins Bridge Road Sydenham. Note: these trees are not on the list.

At the Council Meeting of the 20th November 2012 Marrickville Council sought permission to chop down 1,590 street trees that were dead, dying or nearing their Safe Useful Life Expectancy as identified by the recently completed Tree Inventory.

Because of the large number of proposed tree removals I am listing the locations of the trees suburb by suburb.

For a background, including a link to a summary of the recently completed Tree Inventory  http://bit.ly/PURYpe  & a list of the –

Most of the trees to be removed in the list supplied by Council are grouped in suburbs, but many others are scattered around the document.  I have tried my best to find all the trees & have listed the streets in alphabetical order for easier viewing.  Although I have checked, there are bound to be mistakes.  The original document can be downloaded here –  http://www.marrickville.nsw.gov.au/BridgeDownload/ITEM+21+ATTACHMENT+2+-+EXTRACT+FROM+STREET+TREE+INVENTORY+PREPARED+BY+HOMEWOOD+CONSULTING.PDF?s=2120557471,docID=78893.12

For brevity I have not included the species or the height of the trees to be removed.  This information, plus more can be found in the above document.  I have listed the street, followed by the house number the tree is nearest, finishing with the total number of street trees to be removed from that street in bold.  At some addresses, more than one street tree will be removed.  These are in brackets.

For the suburb of Sydenham the following street trees are proposed for removal –

  • George Street:  1, 12, 216, 218-224 – 4 trees
  • Henry Street: 11-37, 45 – 2 trees
  • Park Road:  3-29, 22, 32, 33-53 – 4 trees
  • Princes Highway:  387 -– 1 tree
  • Yelverton Street:  21A – 1 tree