Panorama of Tempe Reserve Playing fields

Panorama of Tempe Reserve Playing fields

Marrickville Council’s Draft Recreation & Policy Strategy is available on their website.  This comprehensive 35-page document is open for community consultation until tomorrow 14th April.  I’ve highlighted a number of points that interested me.


  • Provide seating & shade along walking routes, in parks & open spaces.


  • Investigate lighting upgrades along the Cooks River for evening safety.


  • Develop new off-leash areas in Enmore Park, Henson Park, Johnson Park, Mahoney Reserve, McNeilly Park, Marrickville Park, Petersham Park & Simpson Park.
  • Signage to protect areas of local biodiversity.


  • Undertake a feasibility study to cover 2 playing fields at Tempe Reserve with Synthetic turf.
  • Upgrade fields at Marrickville Park, Steel Park, Camdenville Park, Tempe Reserve & Mahoney Reserve similar to what was done at Mackey Park.


  • Investigate options for using pocket parks as biodiversity enhancement areas, urban forests or community gardens.
  • Investigate using permeable pavements.
  • Investigate using green roofs on park buildings.
  • Engage the community in major & local park upgrades with view to creating ongoing stewardship.
  • Promote adoption of trees or sponsorship of greening streets by community groups, schools, businesses & industry.
  • Implement a place-making pilot program in pocket parks.
  • Prepare a Green Streets Strategy to enhance connection to community hubs, public transport, parks & open space.
  • Develop Village Centre Park/Plaza space in 4 urban villages with public art, outdoor seating, landscaping & special paving.
  • Investigate under-used pocket parks to create additional recreational services.
  • Work with existing volunteer landcare, tree planting & community gardening programs & provide ongoing support.


  • Investigate Wi-Fi in selected parks & open space.
  • Provide outdoor exercise stations in 2-3 large parks.
  • Review the need for the 2 crochet clubs.
  • Review leased spaces such as tennis & bowling.
  • Undertake feasibility planning to develop one or two new indoor sports courts with options to extend Debbie & Abbey Borgia Centre or Robyn Webster Centre.
  • Explore opportunities for using vacant buildings & shop fronts for start-up social enterprises.

I’ve rushed writing this because of tomorrow’s deadline.  Personally, I hate that synthetic turf is being considered for Tempe Reserve. I believe it is a serious environmental hazard, totally inappropriate in this location with the Alexandra Canal & Cooks River on either side, & deprives valuable wildlife of feeding habitat, which is already scarce.

I was also disappointed to see that fishing was not mentioned in the document.  This sport is booming along the Cooks River & with it comes some serious hazards to wildlife & the environment.

However, there are many things in the draft document that I think are wonderful – shaded seating, evening lighting along the river & every point that I have listed under ‘Environment.’

If you have time, send in a quick submission. You only need focus on what you want or don’t want as this will help Marrickville Council meet the community’s needs.

The document can be downloaded here –

You can comment on the link above or send an email to Council at –

It's easy to see why this is a popular place to sit in Warren Park.

It’s easy to see why this is a popular place to sit in Warren Park.