Just one of the beautiful Fig trees in Simson Park St Peters.

Just one of the beautiful Fig trees in Simson Park St Peters.

Today is Earth Day 2013.  This year’s focus is climate change & its effects on people, animals, wildlife & the environment.  I was sent these beautiful words spoken by Aboriginal senior elder Bill Neidjie & wanted to share here.   I think many people think of trees as living beings not too different from us. Bill Neidjie’s words are food for thought.

“Tree same thing.  E watching you.

You look tree you say… ‘Oh’

That tree e listen to you, what you!

E got no finger, e can’t speak

But that leaf, e pumping his.

Way e grow in the night while you sleeping

E grow with your body, your feeling

When you feeling tree, e work with you tree.

You cut im little bit, you got water coming out

Well that tree same as you.  If you feel sore

‘Oh, I’m my body sore!’

Well that means somebody killing tree

Because your body on that tree or earth.”  ~ Bill Neidjie

From Wiki – Big Bill Neidjie (c. 1920 – 23 May 2002) was the last surviving speaker of the Gaagudju language, an indigenous language northern Kakadu after which the World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park is named. He was a senior elder of Kakadu National Park & a traditional owner of the Bunitj estate in northern Kakadu, perhaps the most spectacular National Park in Australia.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Bill_Neidjie