It stuck out because it looked good & says people care. It's also a green corridor for lizards & other small insects.

It stuck out because it looked so good & said ‘people care.’  It’s also a green corridor for lizards & other small insects.

I came across a small garden along the back of a couple of properties in Dulwich Hill & was lucky enough to speak to the people who created this.  They said that the space along the fence line used to be ugly & was full of asthma weed, so they decided to pull out the weeds & plant the space.

Apparently all the plants were sourced from their garden or were donations from friends & neighbours.  I like this idea of sharing plants & cuttings.

Apart from some mulch, no money was spent creating this.  As small as the space is, I think it looks terrific. Others must like it as well as preparation gardening is visible further along the lane.

Believe it or not, research has shown that this kind of greening of spaces also lowers crime in the community.

A February 2013 article about research from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA asked – Does vegetation encourage or suppress urban crime?

  • “found that well-maintained vegetation lowered the rates of certain types of crime, such as aggravated assault, robbery & burglary, in urban neighborhoods.”
  • “If you see well-maintained window boxes, gardens, lawns & community spaces it gives the impression of a stable, healthy community — people are watching out for that neighborhood.”
  • “….rather than decreasing vegetation as a crime deterrent, their study provides evidence that cities should be exploring increasing maintained green spaces.”  See –

It’s the small things that can make a neighbourhood somewhere nice to live & greenery is a major factor.  Now we know that removing weeds & adding a few plants to traditionally neglected areas has a measurable impact on community safety.  Other recent research has shown that green spaces also increases happiness in the community.

We could be embracing these spaces that connect to where we live instead of living surrounded by weeds & litter & we have much to benefit from as a community by doing so.  I am always happy when I see a garden of any size in public space & I doubt that I am alone in this.