Tree sap catching the afternoon sun.

Tree sap catching the afternoon sun.

Councillor Ellsmore asked the following questions regarding a free WI-FI in a Question on Notice for tonight’s Marrickville Council Meeting.  In the Council Meeting of 22nd September 2011 places for free Wi-Fi were listed as – “as all our major parks including Camperdown Park, Johnson Park, Marrickville Park, Tempe Reserve.”  Bold is Council’s answers. –

“Given that Council resolved at its February 2013 meeting that a “further report on a free Wi-Fi trial be urgently provided to Council with options for a low-cost trial of 5-8 wireless internet ‘hot spots’, similar to the trial currently being implemented in an adjoining Council, for Council’s consideration & funding in the coming financial year” will this report be provided for Council’s consideration before the end of the financial year?

A full report is expected to be provided before the end of the financial year.  Five accredited vendors with experience with similar solutions have been invited to submit proposals for the deployment of public internet wireless Wi-Fi, with three responses already submitted.

What investigations has Council undertaken of the recent free Wi-Fi trial undertaken by Leichhardt Council?  What was the cost of this trial?

Marrickville Council contacted Leichhardt Council, obtaining two Council reports in relation to the proposal for the implementation of free public internet Wi-Fi hot-spots.  

First Report (28 Nov 2011), costing per site:

  • Using ADSL (25GB, rental, etc) – $850 / month
  • Using 3/4G (25GB) – $1,560 /month
  • Equipment (Router and Solar Power – $3,750 (one off)
  • Installation – $250

Second Report (11 May 2012), extra cost:

  • Extra $1,080 required for Internet charges

The first report highlights the extra annual cost of $12,000 per annum required for a central wireless management system to proceed with the project.  The Leichhardt IT Manager was contacted mid February 2013 in relation to the progress of the free Wi-Fi project implementation. The Manager mentioned that the installation costs (as per above reports) were higher then predicted & the biggest challenge was to have access to power.

It was also mentioned that if Leichhardt Council had to decide to go ahead with the full roll out of the free Wi-Fi, they would have to engage an external solution provider for an end-to-end implementation & support as the installation, ongoing monitoring & trouble-shooting is quite time-consuming.”