Red-eye tree frog.  Photo by Shikhei Goh for National Geographic with thanks

Red-eye tree frog.  Photo by Shikhei Goh for National Geographic with thanks

The Wolli Creek Preservation Society (see Blogroll) are holding a talk by Marion Anstis from the Frog & Tadpole Study Group NSW called – ‘Frogs of Sydney – are they in trouble?’

This should be an interesting talk for Marrickville LGA residents.  All most of us need to do is pop in a water feature & within days the frogs arrive.  In our garden small frogs hibernate under the lawn during winter.  Marrickville Community Nursery had a natural rainwater pond positively brimming with tadpoles when I visited last February.  Frogs feature in our landscape so it would be good to know more about them.

From the flier – “The talk is an introduction to some of Sydney’s frogs & tadpoles, how they live & how they are surviving in present times.

Marion Anstis has had a lifetime career as a high-school music teacher while pursuing her passion for frogs & tadpoles in her spare time. Since retirement, she has written three books on frogs & tadpoles & several scientific papers, culminating in her latest publication ‘Tadpoles & Frogs of Australia’, in which she lays out profiles of every Australian frog & the life histories (eggs & tadpoles) of most of them to help conservationists identify which tadpole/egg belongs to which frog. She has also written a book for children which has been very well received.

Marion helps with raising public awareness about frogs through her association with the Frog & Tadpole Study Group where she goes on field trips & gives talks at meetings and in the community.”

  • WHEN:  Thursday 1st  August 2013
  • TIME: 7.30pm – Light refreshments.  Gold coin donation
  • WHERE: Canterbury & Earlwood Caring Association (CECAL)
    15 Clarke Street Earlwood (entry Lewins Street).
  • BOOKINGS: 0431 914 553 or

The Frog & Tadpole Study Group has an open group on Facebook for those interested

They also have a website –