Street tree outside 36 Dixson Street Dulwich Hill - not doing well at all.

Street tree outside 36 Dixson Street Dulwich Hill – not doing well at all.

Tree number 1:  Marrickville Council has given notification to remove a Yellow Gum (Eucalyptus leucoxylon) outside 36 Dixson Avenue Dulwich Hill.

Council gives the following reasons for removal –

  • “Tree has extensive crown dieback with excessive epicormic growth & presents an unacceptable risk to infrastructure & public safety.
  • Previously identified for removal in the 2012 Street Tree Inventory.”

They say they will replace this tree, during the 2013-2014 planting season (species to be determined by Street Tree Master Plan).”

The tree is not looking well at all.  I will not be putting in a submission.  The deadline for submissions is Friday 16th August

Tree number 2:  While I was in Dulwich Hill I found another street tree with a ‘Notification of Removal’ sign on it, though this tree was not included on Marrickville Council’s website as they usually are.

The tree is a Small Leafed Pepperment (Eucalyptus nicollii) near 279 New Canterbury Road.  Council’s sign read –

  • “The tree is in terminal decline.”
  • And will be replaced by a “Tallowood (Eucalyptus microcorys),” but not when they will do this.

This tree leans towards the road & is nearly dead.  The deadline for submissions regarding this tree has passed.  It was Friday 9th August 2013.

I thank Council for using sticky tape to fix the signs to both trees.

Street tree on New Canbterbury Road

Street tree on New Cannterbury Road Dulwich Hill