Nice support here painted green to blend in.

Four support structures used here for this tree & painted green to blend in.

Here are a few photos of trees in Monterey Bay in the US, which have been given a little support to keep standing.  I post them here to show that many times there are other options than removing a tree.

If they lean, they can be propped.  If they have extra long branches, these can be supported too.  Branches can be held by cables or tied in such a way that they will remain with the tree should they fall.

Not to say it is not being done, but I haven’t seen this kind of work in Australia, except recently with cabling for a Hill’s Fig tree in Port Macquarie.  I have also seen a photo of a Fig tree in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, which had a very long side branch supported.

Big thanks to Ed Glatfelter-Jones for generously allowing me to use his photos.  🙂

A cable inbedded into the branch

A cable embedded into the branch to help take the weight

A small brown pole used to prop this leaning tree

A small brown pole used to prop this leaning tree. 

The poles & props supporting this gorgeous tree are hard to see.

The pole supporting this gorgeous tree blends in & is hard to see.