Part of a very pretty verge garden in Marrickville.

Part of a very pretty verge garden in Marrickville.

This is a fantastic video, jam-packed with information at under 3-minutes, from the City of Chicago called – ‘Cermak/Blue Island Sustainable Streetscape.’

The Chicago Department of Transportation recently unveiled the ‘greenest street in America,’ the first phase of a two-mile stretch of Blue Island Avenue & Cermak Road in the Pilsen.”

Incorporated is placemaking, permeable paving, bioswales, photocatalytic concrete that absorbs smog, solar/wind powered lights, recycled asphalt, stormwater management that collects roof water & directs it to the many bioswales & of course, beauty.

These features are being incorporated into other building & street works across Chicago to create a more livable & attractive place with sustainability as a core aim.

Incidentally, the City of Chicago has planted 600,000 trees over the past 20-years.

You can watch the video here –