This is a large stump.

This is a large stump.

Riding through Kendrick Park last weekend, we came into a patch of sunshine.  Sunshine was unusual as this area is always shady because of the trees on the hill overlooking the park & the many tall Casuarinas inside the park.  Looking up we saw a large neatly cut stump.  Another tree had been removed.

We won’t know the reason because Marrickville Council didn’t put the Notification of Removal notice on their website or a post-notification because removing the tree was an emergency.  It’s disappointing & makes me wonder how many other public trees come down without the community knowing about it. 

Is it too much to ask?   Very few trees up for removal these days get challenged.  I myself have only recently written a submission asking Council to delay a tree removal because of the benefit to wildlife.  Prior to this it has been a long time since I sent in a submission or encouraged anyone else to do so. 

When I started SoT it was Council’s own policy to notify the community of public tree removals on their website & with a sign on the tree/s.  It’s an easy & simple process that provides transparency of Council’s operations & importantly, gives the community the ability to have a say. 

I have found that it is rare that a tree chosen for removal is not removed, but the benefits to Council of allowing the community both information & the opportunity to send in a submission are substantial as it cultivates trust.  I also believe that community trust is a valuable commodity & difficult to regain if lost.