Screenshot of the path at night - very pretty.

Screenshot of the path at night – very pretty.

Imagine a polyurethane & aggregate mix that when sprayed on existing path surfaces transforms a path to a blue crystal lit-from-within path that is highly visible at night.  Aside from the night lighting effects, the paths look normal during the day.  The paths become light-coloured after the treatment, which has the added benefit of helping to help lower the urban heat island effect.

The product – Proteq Starpath  – absorbs UV rays during the day & produces non-reflective light at night.  Cambridge Council in England has transformed the pathways in two of their parks to cut down on power bills from overhead lighting.  Up to 20,000 people use one of the parks every day.

Proteq Starpath is non-slip, very quick to install & nothing needs to be removed or disturbed.  I’ve heard the Marrickville Councillors debate the high cost of lighting in our parks.  I’d say this product has a future here & personally can’t wait to walk on star-lit paths on hot summer evenings.  I think children would enjoy it too.

Watch a short video here –