Screenshot of the Garden Bridge design - taken from the Daily Mail with thanks.

Screenshot of the Garden Bridge design – taken from the Daily Mail with thanks.

In 1997, Actor Joanna Lumley had an idea to commemorate the death of Dianna, Princess of Wales by building a garden bridge over the Thames.  To many this idea may have seemed too ‘out there’ & too unfeasible.

Today community consultation starts on the design of the ‘Garden Bridge’ across the Thames from Temple to the South Bank.   Called for by London Mayor Boris Johnson & designed by Architect Thomas Heatherwick CBE, the garden bridge will have real trees.   “…the renowned gardener Dan Pearson, …. has a vision of 100 plant species, starting with ancient botany on the north side & changing through the glades & scarps to a pioneering planting on the south side.”

‘We are used to quite a harsh experience in the architectural landscape around us. Often environments don’t have a human scale, but plants give you that. There is something unpretentious about them — this project will have slugs & worms & autumn smells, rather than grand, Versailles-like power-planting.” ~ Architect Thomas Heatherwick CBE.

We are changing.  Cities are changing.  The knowledge that trees & plants are good for people’s levels of happiness & well-being is becoming part of good architecture & good urban design.  With no cars & a landscape full of trees & plants, plus a water & city views, the Garden Bridge will be an extremely important & beautiful site in London.  It will most certainly fill the City of London’s aim of providing somewhere for people to meet.  The Garden Bridge will also be high on the list for tourists to visit.  This taking iconic to a new level.

Building is expected to start by 2015 & the bridge completed by 2017.   See – and

Close up of screenshot of Garden Bridge plans - raken from Daily Mail.

Close-up of screenshot of Garden Bridge plans – taken from Daily Mail. These are big trees.