Permaculture potatoes grown in Dulwich Hill

Permaculture potatoes grown in Dulwich Hill 

Fancy a FREE online self-paced course on Permaculture Design?   The Regenerative Leadership Institute is offering this course because they want the information out there & mainstream.  This is very generous of them & great for us.   Topics include –

  • Natural building construction
  • Renewable energy
  • Soil regeneration & land restoration
  • Food forests
  • Trees & garden design
  • Urban permaculture
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Grey water considerations
  • Waste recycling – & more.

“The complete 72+ hour permaculture design course curriculum is now available completely without charge together with some amazing interviews on sustainable living & intentional community design from some of the world’s greatest educators. There is no catch here — the course is completely free.” 

For information about the educator Larry Korn see –

For information about the free Permaculture Design Course see –