What a delightful sight this is & how innovative to use the space above the storm water canal.

What a delightful sight this is & how innovative to use the space above the storm water canal.

My first view of the Preloved Roots Garden Nursery

My first view of the Preloved Roots Garden Nursery 

I received an email from someone who had read my post on Sydney Corporate Park (See – http://bit.ly/1dlOQbC) letting me know that the mixed-use complex has a nursery called, ‘Preloved Roots Garden Nursery.’   Their description of it as an “RSPCA for plants” was enough to have us visiting on the weekend.

To get there you drive into Sydney Corporate Park taking the entrance to Office Works off O’Riordan Street.  Instead of turning left into the Office Works car park, keep driving straight ahead following the internal road until you reach a huge tree in a circular structure.  Turn right here & park anywhere next to the canal, which will now be on your left.  You need to pay for parking during the week, but is free on weekends.

You can also enter from Bourke Road, but to save confusion it is best to enter from O’Riordan Street for your first visit.  Retracing your journey on the way out you can see Bourke Road, so you can see how to use this entrance once you have done it yourself.

There are signs that guide you to the Preloved Roots Garden Nursery, but really all you have to do is follow the stormwater canal & look for the large & very beautiful Weeping Fig tree & the glasshouse.

Be sure to look down to the canal because it is as far away as you can get from the stormwater canals across Marrickville LGA.   Instead of being a concrete monster, the sides have been re-vegetated with a range of hedges, shrubs, plants & soft native grasses that cascade over the sides.  There are lots of trees too.

I’ve always thought that the stormwater canals are perfect opportunities to create habitat corridors for wildlife.  The canals are very important. They are the only source of fresh water for birds in Marrickville municipality that I am aware of, apart from what generous residents put out in their gardens.

The stormwater canal in Sydney Corporate Park has been included in the philosophy of the complex – environmentally friendly, adding to the ecosystem & sustainable.  The canal is also quite beautiful.   I wish this happened everywhere.

The Preloved Roots Garden Nursery is a glasshouse that has been built across the canal, which is a very innovative way of using space.  Perched over the stormwater canal under a canopy of several large trees with cascading branches, it is a breath of fresh air & a delight to the eye.   I think it is a place children would love.  There is something quite magical about it, especially on a summer’s day.

Under the metal grilled floor of the nursery runs the water of the canal, cooling the air & making a perfect place to grow plants.   I am told that mosquitoes can sometimes be a problem, so bring some repellent to use if it happens to be one of those days.

The Preloved Roots Garden Nursery collects unwanted plants from all over Sydney & then prepares them for sale to the public.  Some plants may need to be nurtured before going up for sale.

What a terrific concept.  Instead of throwing living plants out in the garbage, your unwanted plants can come here to this delightful place & get a second chance in someone else’s garden. 

The variety of plants was very good considering these are all rescued plants.  There were bromiliads, clivias, ferns, cacti, small trees – all sorts of plants.  The range changes regularly as new stock comes in.   We bought a fantastic Epiphyllum ‘Queen of the Night’ – so tall, it reaches my chest.  Prices are cheap.

They also had a couple of sculptures, as well as fancy pots, pot saucers, & pot trays on wheels selling for a fraction of what they would cost new.   Second-hand pot saucers were being sold for 10 cents each. If you see shop price tags stuck on the side of pots, take no notice.  They are not the real price, just leftovers from the past.

There is a lot to take in here & it is easy to miss plants.  There is an outside area under the trees, as well as the glasshouse & don’t forget to look out the front, as there are plants for sale there too.

What I also liked very much were the trees.  They were big gorgeous trees with waving side branches providing dappled shade.  Many of the tree trunks actually come through the floor of the structure, which is wonderful to see.  They did not remove the trees for convenience; instead making a hole for the tree to grow through.

When trees mean more than fences

When trees mean more than fences

The fence along the canal has also made space to accommodate fat trunks of trees that are in the way of the fence line.  I am always impressed when a tree is viewed as more important than a fence.

If you are into plants & love nurseries, this is a place I think you will want to visit & once you do, I think you will return.  Not just because the prices are so cheap, but also for the experience because it is so beautiful.  Taking potluck to see what they have in stock is also part of the fun.   I highly recommend a visit.

Preloved Roots Garden Nursery – on the canal at Sydney Corporate Park, 75/85 O’Riordan Street Alexandria NSW 2015

Phone:  9469 5665

Opening hours:  Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.  Saturday & Sunday 10am – 4pm.

Look for the massive Weeping Fig tree.  You will hear the birds too.

Look for the massive Weeping Fig tree. You will hear the birds too.

Lovely to see the plants, trees & sky

Lovely to see the plants, trees & sky

Succulent gardens

Succulent gardens and a great view of a Pepper tree.

Outside under the shade of numerous big trees

Outside under the shade of numerous big trees