Ashfield Park - a heritage park full of mature trees

Ashfield Park – a heritage park full of mature trees

I was shocked when I read that up to 20-metres will be removed from Ashfield Park for a two-lane westbound entry ramp to the WestConnex motorway.  This amounts to 4% of the park.  This may not seem much, but with green space at a premium in the inner west, any loss is important.  Also Ashfield Park is registered with the National Trust, so it is an important historical park for Sydney.

A residents group called ‘Save Ashfield Park’ has been formed.  The residents say that Ashfield Council has been told WestConnex want to use the park as a depot and construction could be for at least seven years.”  A WestConnex spokesperson said, “there were no plans to use it as a depot or to store construction material.”  Yet later in the article the same spokesperson says, “Some land will be required during construction only and may be returned to community use in the future …”

The community is concerned for the heritage trees, the Ashfield Park icon insignia, planted by returned World War II soldiers & the War Memorial.  There is also concern that the heavily treed grounds of Yasmar will also be used for WestConnex.

Although WestConnex say they will be providing new green space, there is great concern that green space along the route will be utilized to the detriment of the community in these areas.  More locally, we know that Tempe Wetlands, Tempe Reserve & Wolli Creek are on the route of WestConnex.  The impact on just these three places has the potential to be devastating.  Wolli Creek especially has the potential to lose 400 mature trees in bushland.

The community group Save Ashfield Park are putting on a  ‘family day event’ to show their opposition to the loss of any of this heritage park.  The event is on this Sunday, 9th February at 3pm-5pm at Ashfield Park.  Obviously everyone is welcome.   It is in these events that we can all support each other.

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