Photo by Marrickville Council used with thanks.

Photo by Marrickville Council used with thanks.

At the Marrickville Council Meeting of the 18th March 2014 Councillors voted unanimously to have the ‘I Have a Dream’ mural heritage assessed.  Juilee Pryor & Andrew Aiken painted the mural with other members of Unmitigated Audacity Productions 22-year-ago.

Mayor Haylen said she was working with Telstra & other key-stakeholders to revitalize Telstra Square, where the mural resides.  If the heritage assessment is successful, the mural will be protected under the Mearrickville Local Environment Plan “and if appropriate, the State Heritage Register.”

In a media release the Mayor said, “Imagine attractive paving, stage seating, free wi-fi, landscaping – & all watched over by Dr King.”   It’s great to see Council considering doing some Placemaking, as for many years this area has looked neglected.  This is a perfect opportunity to make Telstra Square beautiful & more useful for the community.

I like the mural & it is a substantial part of my memories in my adult life.  It will be good to see the mural protected & be there for future generations.  It will also be good to see the space in which it resides look better & more people-friendly.  Many thanks to Marrickville Council for this initiative.