Alfalfa House is giving usan option to keep this out of landfill

Alfalfa House is giving us an opportunity to keep this out of landfill

Yes, seriously.  The local community food co-operative Alfalfa House is collecting old toothbrushes, dental floss containers & toothpaste tubes to recycle them into new products.

What a great initiative, especially as we toss out over 30-million toothbrushes in Australia, amounting to approximately 1000-tonnes of landfill every year.  Toothbrushes don’t break down & will likely still be there in the landfill long after our grandchildren have reached old age.  It’s time to do our planet a favour by dropping our unwanted items into Alfalfa House, instead of putting them in the bin.

Alfalfa House is open 7 days a week.

Address:  113 Enmore Road 
Enmore, on the corner of Phillip Street

Opening hours –

Monday – Wednesday 11am-7pm

Thursday:  11am-8pm

Friday:  11am-7pm

Saturday:  9am-6pm

Sunday:  11am-6pm