From this

From this

To this.  An upgrade of seven trees & landscape planting will make a phenomenal improvement to Murdoch Park.

To this.  An upgrade that includes seven trees & landscape planting will make a phenomenal improvement to Murdoch Park.  Fantastic!

After community consultation where the community offered a plethora of wonderful ideas to upgrade this pocket park, Marrickville Council has decided on the following use of a $20,000 budget.

  • Shade trees & native palms
  • Landscape planting using native plants
  • A meeting place
  • Creating separate spaces, including open space
  • Seating
  • Picnic area
  • Bubbler
  • New gate & fencing
  • Art
  • Dog on a lead area &
  • Screening of the back lane.

Council says a number of people who participated in community consultation mentioned a community garden, but said this is not feasible at the moment. However, they do encourage those interested to contact the Addison Road Centre, which has a community garden & who is looking for new members.

The plans completely transforms this bleak empty space.  Three larger canopy trees & four smaller canopy trees (possibly these are the palms) will be planted. There will be significant areas of landscape planting, which is wonderful. Grass & crushed sandstone is to be the predominant ground surface with a sweeping concrete path.  There will be four seats; two in the sun & two in the shade.

Council are adding a sandstone sculpture which is especially nice for the children, plus sandstone boulders that double as seats or things for kids to play on.  There will also be a garbage bin, so hopefully it will be used.

I like what is planned & think it is a great way to use a small piece of land.  If it comes about as planned, Murdoch Park will be a very nice space to take some time out.

The upgrade works will also enhance & add value to the neighbourhood.   Seven more trees in a space that has been without trees for goodness knows how long is also a bonus. Murdoch Park is especially important to birdlife, as the stormwater canal alongside provides a source of water. The trees & native plants will further support the wildlife, adding to the urban biodiversity mosaic.