After.   It won’t produce much shade now.

There is a street tree on the corner of Swain Street & Burrows Avenue Sydenham that I have long admired.   It is an unusual tree because it is multi-stemmed & has been planted in an area reclaimed from the road to prevent traffic from turning right.  As you travel up Swain Street towards Sydenham Railway Station this tree is the view.

Also unusual was the red-coloured woodchip at its base.  Marrickville Council uses woodchip from trees they have chopped down, so this was more likely the work of a caring resident.

I’ve been looking at this tree for years as I drive or ride past, so it came as a shock to see it mutilated last Tuesday.  Five out of eight of its stems had been removed, sawn off with the ends looking like fingers rotted away by leprosy.   I returned the next day to take photos & these stubs had all been taken back to the main trunk.

I am assuming Ausgrid did this to the tree because there are power lines on this corner.

I feel sad & annoyed as yet one more piece of beauty in our municipality has been destroyed.  This tree looks mutilated & being a slow growing tree, I doubt that it will ever look as good as it once did.  Why did they not prune off the top like they have done to so many street trees in the municipality? There was enough canopy to be able to take this option.

What makes it worse is that above the tree appears to be aerial bundled cabling.   Was this tree mutilated merely because of a telecommunications cable?


Before.  Image from Google Street View.


After.  It went from being a beautiful feature to this.  

Certainly enough canopy to remove some instead of remove two thirds of the tree.

Certainly enough canopy to prune instead of removing three quarters of the tree.  Image from Google Street View.