Bees need flowers

Bees need flowers

The City of Melbourne has created something amazing for Australia – a flowering meadow in the CBD.  Instead of a hillside of lawn, they planted 3,000-square-metres of flowers alongside Batman Avenue.

The seeds, a mix of sunflowers, cornflowers, poppies, dill, barley & zinnias, were hand sown by Council staff in November 2013 at the paltry cost of under $4 per square metre.

Considering bees are really struggling in Australia with raised temperatures, floods, drought & loss of nectar-producing trees, an initiative like this is something that should be replicated elsewhere. I can think of a few locations where something similar could be done in Marrickville LGA.

The beehives on the rooftops in Melbourne CBD will really benefit from the Flowering Meadow, as will the commuters driving along Batman Avenue.  Imagine seeing a flowering hill on your drive to & from work.  That has got to improve on your day.  I think this is a truly wonderful idea.

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