Good to see new trees & bench seating in the older skate section

Good to see new trees & bench seating in the older skate section

The resurfaced car park makes a great place to ride when it is empty

The resurfaced car park makes a great place to ride when it is empty

We went to the re-opening of Jack Shanahan Reserve last Saturday. It was good to see lots of excited kids despite the rain.

Marrickville Council has upgraded the park. They removed the deteriorated half-size basketball court & turned that space into a learning area for younger or inexperienced skaters.   They removed the graffiti from the older skate area & repainted the amenities building removing the graffiti from that too.

The tennis court now has a purple surface, which looks great.

In the centre Council has either built a new picnic kiosk or modified the old one installing a barbeque & new picnic tables. It is good that they placed the seats to allow comfortable watching of the kids skating.   The kiosk is quite large & managed to shelter most of us when it rained.

Council also had concrete benches placed along the edge of the latest skate sections. These make great places to sit & watch the action. From a park with very few seats, it now has many.

Grasses in the car park

Grasses in the car park

Some of the concrete paths have been re-laid & a new path with lights goes to the entrance of the recently opened Dulwich Hill Light Rail Station. (More about that in another post).   These paths are not only good for commuters walking to the station, but also good for younger kids to skate or ride around the park.

The car park has been resurfaced. Council has also planted grasses in an area beside the car park.

Along the fence line at the top of the park & beside the Light Rail are new garden beds. These are mostly filled with grasses, but there are decorative sandstone rocks placed around park benches & a few shrubs planted next to the fence. The works are far better than what was here before & once grown will hopefully provide some habitat for any wildlife that manages to get through the fence. It makes the park look better as well.

A number of good-sized Pin Oaks have been planted around the picnic kiosk & also at points along the path.   These trees continue what appears to be a theme in this park. I was pleased to see that none of the mature trees on the hill have been removed.

Council removed the rusty VW car ‘art piece,’ located just outside the Light Rail Station, which had done its time. The area where this was located has been marked out, so it appears this will also be planted out – probably with native grasses.

It is a shame that the barbed wire above five fence panels near the entrance to the Light Rail Station have not been removed. It looks like a small oversight, as it has been removed along the rest of the fence. It would be good for this park to be totally barbed wire free.

I think Jack Shanahan Reserve is one of the best in the LGA for young people, so it was great to see that the improvements remain orientated to the young. The skate area is big & varied. The park allows for much healthy exercising & for others to be able to watch the skaters in comfort.   This will be helpful for older family members who come along to support. It was great to see so many kids in a park.

In 12-months when the grasses have grown & the trees are larger the differences will be more apparent. Marrickville Council has done good work with this upgrade.   I think there will be many happy children who have a great place to meet, to skate & to hang out.

New skate section

New skate section

New seating next to the kiosk

New seating between the kiosk & the new skate section

Resurfaced tennis court.  I love the colour.

Resurfaced tennis court. I love the colour.  This is the one place where graffiti was left untouched.

Through the park to the Light Rail Station

Looking down at the park from the entry of the Light Rail Station

Grasses planted in most areas beside the Light Rail line & The Greenway.

Grasses have been planted in most areas beside the Light Rail line & The Greenway.