A common streetscape in Marrickville

A common streetscape in Marrickville

Marrickville Council released their Street Tree Master Plan to public consultation last Friday.

At sixteen documents this is a lot to read & I am working through it. I have already received feedback that expressed disappointment about the lack of Eucalypts. I have not arrived here in my reading yet.

What I have read so far is very good with some significant changes from the past.   Hopefully, we will go into a greener future with a better urban forest.

The community consultation document was extremely interesting. For me the most incredible information was that two percent of residents did not want street trees in Marrickville municipality.  I am glad that hasn’t got a chance of becoming a reality.

Council has not given the community long to comment.   Submissions are due by Friday 20th June 2014.   With such an important document that decides just how our municipality will look for the foreseeable future, I believe the community consultation should be a minimum of 2-months.

You can download the documents here –


You can leave comments online here – http://yoursaymarrickville.com.au/home1

Or send a written submission to Marrickville Council at – council@marrickville.nsw.gov.au

More later – after I have had a chance to read through the mountain of documents.