Screenshot from the video 'Slow Life'

Screenshot from the video ‘Slow Life’

Today is World Oceans Day, so I wanted to share this short, but magical video of the secret life of corals & sponges called, ‘Slow Life.’

Photographer Daniel Stoupin, a PhD student at the University of Queensland, took 150,000 photographs to make this time-lapse video, which took him nine months to create.  I think it is pure genius & is well worth watching.

Considering the grave peril our Great Barrier Reef is facing due to climate change & the subsequent ocean acidification & coral bleaching, plus the plans to dredge & dump for ports & hundreds of ships traveling through the reef carrying coal seam gas, it may not be here for much longer. Even UNESCO has grave concerns for the safety of this world heritage marine park.

You can watch the video here –