This is a common sight.

This is a common sight.

The City of Sydney Council is once again leading the way by trialing reverse vending machines that accept empty drink cans & plastic bottles. These machines are already in use in Europe, Japan, China & Brazil.

City of Sydney Council has installed the machines in two busy locations –

  • Bus Stand C on Alfred Street Circular Quay &
  • Dixon Street Mall in Chinatown.

The Council has chosen to reward people who use the machines by offering them a chance to win something.  You get to choose from “bus tickets, 2 for 1 food vouchers from City of Sydney food trucks, or a chance to be in the draw to win two tickets to the 2014 Sydney New Year’s Eve Dawes Point event or you can choose to donate your reward to Clean Up Australia.”

“15,000 bottles & cans are littered or landfilled in Australia every minute. It is a fact that a ‘cash for container’ scheme, will reduce litter & increase recycling rates to 80 – 95%. South Australia is leading the way with such a scheme & has double the rate of recycling than the rest of the country.”

I think it is a brilliant idea. Beverage companies Coca-Cola Amatil, along with Schweppes Australia & Lion Pty Ltd won a Federal Court case against a Northern Territory container deposit scheme in 2013.   There has been no evidence of agreeing to Cash for Containers schemes in the Northern Territory or elsewhere in Australia.  South Australia has continued to run their scheme successfully.

Even though there are only two machines in Sydney at the moment, they are removing drink containers that would likely have ended up as litter & in our harbour & waterways. Each reverse vending machine can hold 3,000 drink containers before needing to be emptied.

I’d like to see them everywhere. Can you imagine the positive impact on the Cooks River if these reverse vending machines were all over Marrickville LGA & the other municipalities along the Cooks River?

Maybe if these could win people something, they would put them in a reverse vending machine.

Maybe if these cans & bottle could win people something, they would put them in a reverse vending machine instead of leaving them to finally end up in the river.