Truly wonderful tree in the Addison Road Centre

Truly wonderful tree in the Addison Road Centre

A pair of Gallahs live in this tree.

A pair of Galahs live in a natural hollow in this tree.

Around three months ago I noticed that the very tall tree (I think it is a Sydney Blue gum) next to the car park at the Addison Road Centre in Marrickville had been roped off.  My instant thought was that it must have dropped a branch & was roped off as it was to be chopped down.  I must say that I felt particularly sad about this, as not only is it a fabulously beautiful tree, but also because it is home to a pair of Galahs.

For various reasons I returned to the Addison Road Centre & each time noted that this tree was still standing.  Unable to quench my curiosity, I called them today & asked what was happening with the tree & whether it was to be removed.

To my delight the answer was a definite no.

Yes, it had dropped a branch as Eucalypts tend to do & so the Addison Road Centre called in a professional tree company to assess this tree.  They also had all the other trees on site assessed, as well as a Tree Inventory.  Apparently the report on their trees is 500 pages.

This tree had some pruning done. The area around the tree has been fenced off & there are signs on all sides of the tree asking people not to sit under the tree.

This is so wonderful. The Addison Road Centre is a busy place all week.  Every Sunday an average of 5,000 people visit the to go to the Growers Markets.  A fearful approach would have been to remove the tree. However, both the Addison Road Centre & the Arborists who assessed the tree did not feel this was necessary.

A fenced exclusion zone allows an important healthy habitat tree to be retained.  Not only would the wildlife benefit, but also the community.  This tree provides wonderful beauty.  It can be seen on the skyline.  It also produces flowers & provides great shade.  I am so happy & relieved that the Centre has taken this tree management approach.

The trees in the Addison Road Centre will be assessed annually & given the care that they need. Of interest, not one tree was removed after the Tree Inventory.

I’ve long noticed that trees in parks near the southern Sydney beaches have fences with warning signs not to stand underneath them. I’ve always thought this is a better approach to keep a perfectly healthy, mature tree & the benefits it provides.  It is terrific to see this approach happening in our own area.

One last thing – the Eucalypt at the front gate has been assessed as aged 150-years plus. How lovely to have a veteran tree at the entrance to this great estate that brings so much benefit to the community in so many different ways.

Well done Addison Road Centre.  I know I am not alone in taking great joy at the beauty of all the large old trees on the site.  It is wonderful & also reassuring to know that the Centre Management is ensuring that these trees are being cared for, as this will very likely improve their chances of living longer.

Signs on the tree

Signs on the tree

Same tree from a different vantage point

Same tree from a different vantage point