View from the Town Hall Steps.

View from the Town Hall Steps.

Marrickville Town Hall.

Marrickville Town Hall.  Every bit of green in this image will be removed.  The lime green Cypress pines on the right have already been removed.



The Marrickville Town Hall Forecourt upgrade has the following objective in the plans –

“….to create an austere response.” 



Austere is an adjective that means the following –

  • Severe or strict in manner or attitude.
  • “He was an austere man with a rigidly puritanical outlook.”
  • “He was a conscientious & outwardly austere man (of living conditions or a way of life) having no comforts or luxuries.”
  • “Conditions in the prison could hardly be more austere.”

Synonyms –

Severe, stern, strict, harsh, unfeeling, stony, steely, flinty, dour, grim, cold, frosty, frigid, icy, chilly, unemotional, unfriendly, formal, stiff, stuffy, reserved, remote, distant, aloof, forbidding, grave, solemn, serious, unsmiling, unsympathetic, unforgiving, uncharitable, morehard, rigorous, stringent, unyielding, unbending, unrelenting, inflexible, illiberal, no-nonsense.

It was good to get confirmation that my response to the planned Marrickville Town Hall Forecourt upgrade was correct & in line with the design vision of Marrickville Council.  The words I used in previous posts were – “harsh, ugly & hot.”

So far two Golden Cypress trees have been removed.  Another Pine tree close to the War Memorial is also to be removed.  Council plans to remove the Pencil Pines & other trees around the building.   First to go in Stage One will be four tall Pencil pines at the right-hand corner.

Council plans to plant a “Magnolia or similar” (native to Asia & North America)on the left side of the Forecourt with an access ramp curving around the tree.  While Magnolia trees are especially pretty when in flower, they are deciduous & also drop large fleshy petals after flowering.  Personally, I think fallen leaves & large fleshy petals may pose a problem for people with mobility issues.

Six “Chinese Poplar or similar” trees (native to China) are planned as street trees along Petersham Road.

The planting in existing garden beds is “to be replaced with more appropriate species.”   This must have changed from the original plan from April 2014 & also at the community consultation than had –

  • Star Jasmine (native to E & SE Asia) as a ground cover,
  • hedges of Box Hedge (native to either England, Holland, Japan or Korea depending on the species used),
  • Indian Hawthorn (native to Southern China) &
  • Viburnum suspensum (native to Japan).

The Development Application has been submitted & will be on the agenda for the Council Meeting of 15th July 2014 as a report to Councillors.

I received notification late yesterday afternoon, 11th July 2014 because I had attended the earlier community consultation event.

The community has only 7 working days to get in a submission to Marrickville Council.  The due date is Tuesday 22nd July 2014.   Submissions are to be addressed to The General Manager, Marrickville Council –

The plans & more information can be found at the following link –

The new 'Winged Victory'  design.  I used a crop of a photo by Marrickville Council with thanks.

The new ‘Winged Victory’ design.  This is a crop of a photo by Marrickville Council used with thanks.

Lastly, a panel of Marrickville Council staff chose the design of the new ‘Winged Victory’ statue with the winner endorsed by the Councillors. I find it surprising that there was no community consultation to decide the winning design of such an important statue that the Mayor in a recent press release called, “…. a much loved Marrickville icon…..has much meaning & is loved by most of the community.”    You would think something as important as the replacement ‘Winged Victory,’ who stands on the pedestal at the Marrickville War Memorial would have included the community.   Marrickville Council asked the community to choose one of three designs for the bridge over the Cooks River at the Marrickville Golf Course.   Is the design of ‘Winged Victory’ – a Marrickville icon, not as important as a pedestrian bridge over the river?

Looking past the War Memorial to Marrickville Town Hall

Looking past the War Memorial to Marrickville Town Hall

Looking across the War Memorial to Petersham Road.

Looking across the War Memorial to Petersham Road.