Our boiling atmosphere - a screenshot from NASA's video.

Our boiling atmosphere – a screenshot from NASA’s video.

NASA has recently released an ultra-high-resolution computer model of carbon dioxide produced & travelling throughout the Earth’s atmosphere over 12 months in 2006, almost 10-years-ago.  It is much worse now.

In 2014 carbon dioxide exceeded 400 parts per million across most of the northern hemisphere.  The deemed ‘upper safe level’ of atmospheric carbon dioxide is 350 parts per million.

This is the first time such high levels have ever been recorded. The trees, plants & oceans, absorb about half of the carbon dioxide produced, while the remainder becomes a part of our atmosphere for hundreds of thousands of years.  Every year more carbon dioxide is accumulated in our atmosphere.

The northern hemisphere is literally boiling in CO2.   Australia is mainly affected by carbon monoxide, but it won’t be long before that changes.

Dr. Charles Miller – Principal Investigator, Carbon in Arctic Reservoirs Vulnerability Experiment mission said the following –

Current [atmospheric] CO2 values are more than 100 ppm higher than at any time in the last one million years (& maybe higher than any time in the last 25 million years). This new record represents an increase of 85 ppm in the 55 years since David Keeling began making measurements at Mauna Loa. Even more disturbing than the magnitude of this change is the fact that the rate of CO2 accumulation in the atmosphere has been steadily increasing over the last few decades, meaning that future increases will happen faster. When averaged over 55 years, the increase has been about 1.55 ppm CO2 per year. However, the most recent data suggest that the annual increase is more than 2.75 ppm CO2 per year.

These increases in atmospheric CO2 are causing real, significant changes in the Earth system now, not in some distant future climate, and will continue to be felt for centuries to come. We can study these impacts to better understand the way the Earth will respond to future changes, but unless serious actions are taken immediately, we risk the next threshold being a point of no return in mankind’s unintended global-scale geoengineering experiment.”

You can watch the 3-minute video here –http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUAY-SMFNfynqz1bdoaV8BeQ&v=x1SgmFa0r04

This is not cool breezes, but methane gas.  Australia is in there somewhere.

This is not cool breezes, but methane gas. Australia is in there somewhere.