Cooks River - this is not okay.

Cooks River – this is not okay.

Potentially fantastic news for the environment with the state government saying they want to introduce a ‘Cash for Containers’ recycling scheme in NSW.

“Under the NSW scheme, schools & charities will be encouraged to raise funds by collecting containers for cash, likely to be set at a 10c rebate.  Beverages companies will be allowed to increase drink prices by the amount of the deposit, and only need to pay the deposit on redeemed containers.” See –

Sadly the Australian Beverages Council “has threatened to run attack advertising against the Government during the March election if cabinet voted in favour of a container deposit policy.”

Their threat can be taken seriously because in 2013, Coca-Cola, Schweppes & Lion Nathan challenged the Northern Territory government in the federal court to try & stop their Cash for Containers scheme.

Personally I think it is reprehensible for these companies to do their utmost & put millions of dollars into attempting to prevent a scheme that is not only environmentally responsible, but also will go a long way to cleaning up our waterways, lakes & oceans.   Keeping the status quo of environmental destruction is extremely sad.

A ten cent rebate on drink containers in the Northern Territory resulted in a return of a massive 35-million containers in the first 12-months of the scheme’s operation.   How anyone can think that it is better to have 35-million drink containers littering the environment is beyond my understanding.

Locally, the Cooks River, The Alexandra Canal, Wolli Creek & Botany Bay will benefit immensely with the introduction of a ‘Cash for Containers’ scheme.

Most of us are appalled at the state of the Cooks River with thousands upon thousands of drink containers lining the riverbank.  They send a terrible message to everyone, especially the younger generation, about respecting & caring for the environment. Young people would benefit by having a way to earn pocket money & knowing that they are helping keep the environment clean at the same time.

The beverage companies must be aware that the bulk of the community are sick of seeing beverage container litter destroying our environment & waterways.   We want a clean environment & I doubt too many would be supportive of any attempt to stop a Cash for Containers scheme.

The Boomerang Alliance has said that a rebate scheme results in well over 80% of drink bottles & cans returned for recycling.   Any program that reduces litter has to be applauded.

Alexandria Canal in Tempe

Alexandria Canal in Tempe.  It distresses me to see the riverbank looking like this.