Every healthy tree is worth saving.

Every healthy tree is worth saving.

I’ve written about this subject before, but have met quite a few people of late concerned about tree roots in their sewerage pipes, so I thought it was worth writing about again.

Tree roots in pipes used to be a big deal & expensive too. One had the choice of calling in a plumber on a regular basis to clean out the roots with an electric eel. Unfortunately, the tree’s roots would always come back because of the cracks in the old pipes. Frustrating to say the least & the outcome often ending up with the removal of the tree, which is a huge loss.

I learnt about trenchless relining of old pipes from Sydney Water. They were in my area lining sewerage pipes that appeared to me to be big enough to drive a small car through.

It was explained to me that the sewerage pipe was being cleared of tree roots & other blockages. This is a common problem because much of our sewerage pipes are 100-years-old or more. They crack because of age, movement of earth, damage & tree roots. Tree roots can enter pipes through joints & very small cracks. These cracks get bigger as the tree root grows.

Once the pipe was cleared, Sydney Water fed a flat flexible pipe that looked like thick hessian. Once that pipe reached the other end it was fixed & then boiling water was fed through this pipe to inflate it, as well as melt the polymer resin glue inside the fabric.  The new pipe took the shape & size of the original pipe, closing off all cracks, joints, damage & holes. Twelve hours later the pipe lining was set rock hard. The man from Sydney Water said something like, “not even the roots of a mighty Fig can get through now.”

You don’t need to have old cracked pipes dug up causing a mess & damaging your garden. Tree roots cannot infiltrate your pipe for a long time – companies guarantee their work between 20-50 years.  The pipes in home situations can be used again within hours.  The pipe lining is continuous, so no more joints, which can provide entry to tree roots.

No tree needs to be removed, so you get to have working pipes & keep your lovely tree.  Plus all companies say this option can end up being much cheaper than excavating & replacing pipes.

So the next time you hear someone complaining about tree roots blocking their pipes, please tell them about this option.  Finding a local company that does this is an easy search on the net. Sharing this information may help keep many trees that would otherwise be removed.

This video by an American company outlines the whole process in 3-minutes – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UXthJMd4gg