Five new trees planted in a section of the Cooks River Foreshore in Marrickville

Five new trees planted in a section of the Cooks River Foreshore in Marrickville

I am very pleased that Marrickville Council has planted 5 native trees in a patch of grass along the Cooks River.  This area along the river & below Warren Park is always empty of people.

One month ago I saw that 4 trees had been planted.  Two weeks later another tree had been added.  Last weekend I saw that the outline of a good-sized garden bed had been spray-painted on the grass.

Council planted a Swamp Mahogany, a Bangalay gum, a Rough-barked apple myrtle, a Banksia & a Casuarina.  I know this because they attached the information tags to the stakes.  This is a relatively new move by Council & one that I & others appreciate.

I talked to a couple of people looking at the new trees & both questioned why yet another Casuarina was planted.  They also mentioned the many hundreds of seedlings growing in Steel Park.

It will be wonderful to see some great native trees along here, though I confess to having a deep love for the Poplars that feature along Marrickville’s section of the river. I hope each one is replaced when it needs to be removed.  They are not native, but they are great trees for riparian zones. They also support lots of wildlife.  All you need to do is stop & listen to the myriad of birdlife in these trees to know that they are of great benefit.  Plus, there is very few of the community who has not fallen in love with these trees, their massive trunks & their seasonal display.

I once asked the manager of the gas line that travels along the Cooks River whether the gas line was the reason why trees were no longer planted here. He told me that the line is so deep in the ground that trees would not impact on the line.

These new trees is a great start Marrickville Council.  I hope the trees are left alone to grow strong & tall. They will provide food & habitat for local wildlife & beauty, shade & amenity for the community. Perhaps this patch may become a nice place for a picnic now.