New Illawarra Flame trees - the start of an avenue of trees through the park.

New Illawarra Flame trees – the start of an avenue of trees through the park.

Pretty flash outdoor exercise equipment.

Pretty flash outdoor exercise equipment.

Back in November 2013, I wrote about Marrickville Council’s plans to upgrade Sydenham Green. See –

We were in this park a couple of weekends ago & saw that work on the upgrade has started. Council has planted 2 Tallowwood (Eucalyptus microcorys) on the Railway Road side of the park. Tallowwood trees can grow to 30-40 metres tall. It will be fantastic if they do reach this height, as they will become landmark trees for the area.

Entrance from Rowe Lane

Entrance from Rowe Lane.  Looks cared for.

Native along the coastal areas from Queensland down to Newcastle in NSW, Tallowwood trees are long-lived trees with a denser canopy than most eucalypts. They produce creamy white flowers from July to November, which provide food for insects & nectar-eating birds & bats.

Council has also planted 7 Illawarra Flame trees (Brachychiton acerifolius) along both sides of the pathway nearest the children’s playground. These will look magnificent when grown. These deciduous trees are native to the east coast of Australia & can reach 20-metres in height. Flame trees are much-loved trees in Sydney because of their bright red flowers in late spring. They are great trees for wildlife too, which is always a bonus.

The Illawarra Flame trees are part of a planned avenue trees that will follow a walking route through four out of the five sections of this park.

The children’s playground has been replaced & is looking good. The path at the entrance from Rowe Lane has been replaced & native grasses planted on either side. This is a nice touch.

Probably the most astounding thing for me to see is the new outdoor exercise equipment that has been installed. Like the exercise equipment in Camperdown Park, some of these actually move. It is wonderful to see some equity happening as to the quality of equipment provided to this side of Marrickville LGA. I am sure these will be well used.

This is just the start of the improvements planned for Sydenham Green. So far, so good. I look forward to coming across more newly planted trees & other new amenities.

The children's playground.

The children’s playground.

New Tallowwod tree near Railway Street.

New Tallowwod tree near Railway Street.

Another Tallowwod tree.

Another Tallowwod tree. Hopefully these will be future landmarks for the area.