A screeenshot from the video.

A screeenshot from the video.

Imagine a concrete surface for roads & footpaths that can absorb 880 gallons (3,331 litres) of water in just one minute & keeps on absorbing until the rain has stopped? Well it is now a reality.

Tarmac, a UK company invented ‘Topmix Permeable,’ a porous concrete that can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles, literally ends the problem of flooding & large puddles on concrete surfaces like car parks, roads & footpaths.

The concrete consists of a permeable layer on the surface that allows the water to immediately drain. The water then goes into a ‘attenuation layer’, that directs the water into a drainage system that connects to the groundwater reservoirs. This would also allow water to be purified through the ground as it makes its way to the Cooks River.

It cannot be used in areas where water freezes as the water would expand & damage the concrete. I think this is an amazing step forward for the issue of storm water flooding.

Our street trees would also benefit if our roads & footpaths were made of this product, as they would receive enough water when it rained. A large percentage of our street trees live in a small hole surrounded by concrete. As such they are lucky is they get a decent drink at all.

You can watch the 1-minute video here –