The arrow shows where the tree once stood.

The arrow shows where the tree once stood.

Marrickville Council has given notice that they intend to remove a Bangalay (Eucalyptus botryoides) outside 71 Illawarra Road Marrickville.

They give the following reasons for removal –

  • “The tree has a long history of major branch failure, including significant recent failures within 6 months.
  • Weight reduction pruning previously undertaken as risk mitigation has been unsuccessful.
  • The tree poses an unacceptable level of risk to the public and property.”

Council says they will not replace this tree “due to site restraints.”  I don’t see why Marrickville Council cannot replace this tree with another native tree that reaches the same size at maturity somewhere else locally.  There is definitely room to increase our canopy cover since it is one of the smallest in Sydney.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 30th October 2015.  However, as the tree has already been removed, any submission would be a worthless exercise.