Dead Sydney Blue gum in Tooth Lane Camperdown

Dead Sydney Blue gum in Tooth Lane Camperdown.

Marrickville Council has given notice of their intention to remove a Sydney Blue Gum (Eucalyptus saligna) in Tooth Lane Camperdown.

Council gives the following reasons for removal –

  • “The tree has died (scenecent) [sic]
  • The tree poses an unacceptable level of risk to the public and property.”

I visited this tree & it is as Council says – dead. What is incredible is that this tree had been allowed to live in the first place. Either it was left in-situ when the units were being developed or it was planted shortly afterwards. It is the only tree in this lane. It once had a significant canopy that I can only assume was enjoyed by the people who looked onto its canopy & enjoyed the shade it provided. This tree provided significant amenity for many years.

Council says they will not be planting a replacement tree “due to site restraints.”

I agree with Council that planting another tree here is unfeasible because there simply is no room.   However, with Marrickville municipality officially recognised as having one of the poorest canopies in Sydney, I would consider it a good move toward increasing our urban forest if Council planted a Sydney Blue Gum in another location where its growth will not be restrained. There are plenty of suitable places.

It seems counterproductive in these days of climate change not to use every opportunity to replace any tree lost with at least one other of comparable size & amenity. In many places the standard is to replace one lost with two to four new trees.  To lose a tree, & a big tree at that, & decide to replace with nothing is disappointing. It makes me wonder how Marrickville’s urban forest will ever achieve the 20% increase as campaigned for by the 202020 Vision.

Sydney Blue gums are valuable trees to local wildlife providing habitat & food. They also are one of the few tall tree species in the municipality, so provide green on the skyline for the community to see.  The benefits of trees have been repeatedly spoken about in this blog.  Just being able to see trees on the skyline instead of red tiled roofs offers some respite from the harshness of the inner city landscape.

I offer Broadway, Ultimo & Chippendale as nearby suburbs that have 3-4 storey street trees as a norm. Marrickville municipality has, on average, wider streetscapes & verges than those suburbs, yet our streetscapes are remarkably different.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 12th February 2016.

A very detirmined tree to live in this space for as long as it did.  When it is gone the space is perfect for a small garden to keep some beauty in this lane.  Better than weeds.

A very detirmined tree to live in this space for as long as it did.